Press Fit Caps

Press Fit Caps stand out to customers, which may lead to greater sales. Our technology is difficult to imitate, allowing manufacturers to create a fresh appearance for their product with no effort and without the need to reformulate. These caps are checked under various parameters to ensure their high quality.

Mason Jar Lids

Mason Jar Lids are officially designed for canning and should only be used once. These other lids are designed to be used repeatedly and are coated to prevent corrosion. They are known for their unique features like flawless finish, and dimensional precision, and are ideal for brand marketing.

Drum Cap Seals

Drum Cap Seals provide a low friction seal that is ideal for use in dynamic reciprocating applications. They seals against the dynamic sealing face, while an O-ring energises the plastic cap and acts in a static environment. The system pressure is used to boost the sealing force operating on the cap.

Crown Caps

Crown Caps formed by squeezing a circular piece of metal around the top of a bottle. For these two major reasons, it is preferable to cap the beer with crown caps, which are more ideal for keeping the product because they are composed of aluminium and synthetic material.


ROPP Caps act as a bottle closure whose full name is Roll on Pilfer Proof. They are a type of metal cap that is often produced from fine grade aluminium because aluminium provides ductility. These caps are available in huge ranges for our valued customers.


RO Caps

RO Caps are widely used in a variety of sectors for sealing bottles of water, medications, and other items. Furthermore, we provide them in a variety of sizes and patterns at reasonable prices to our clients. Our skilled workers utilise their experience and high-quality raw materials to produce these caps.


Continuous Thread Caps are used in aerospace, automotive, beverage, food, chemicals, paints, coatings, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical industries. They have a conventional design and good sealing characteristics for a longer shelf life. Closures that are widely used and come in a variety of diameters, heights, and profiles

Tin Printing Services

Tin Printing Services satisfies the clients' bespoke printing demands on tin & aluminum sheets. We ensure that every unique client demand is addressed correctly and in the most cost-effective manner when providing the services. The use of lacquer and printing materials ensures that the solutions offered are appealing and long-lasting in appearance.


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